The best time to do your sports spread betting is when you are watching an event with no distractions!

Make sure you have quick and easy access to your account either on your computer, mobile or iPad so you can bet in-play.

Watching a match or event live or on TV can give you a good indication of any markets that may be good to buy or sell at certain times. E.g.

  1. If you are watching a football match where there has been no yellow cards but you sense it is ‘boiling up’, it could be a good time to buy Bookings.
  2. If you feel that conditions at a cricket match are starting to favour the bowlers and you fancy a middle-order collapse, it could be an opportunity to sell Runs.
  3. If you know a rugby team consistently comes on strong in the latter part of matches, you may contemplate buying Try Minutes later in the second half.
  4. If you can see a player losing heart in a tennis match and facing a potential final set doughnut, you may consider selling X-Courts or Total Points.
  5. If you don’t fancy a golfer to make the cut in a big tournament based on recent form, you may want to sell their Leaderboard price (or buy their Finishing Position spread).


We don’t claim to be experts by any means, but we have a blog where we make some pre-match spread betting predictions from time to time.

See our latest predictions here!

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