The amount and variety of sports spread betting markets on offer means you can pretty much bet on almost anything you want!

The most popular markets in the main sports are:


  1. Total Goals – bet on how many goals will be scored in a match.
  2. Supremacy – the predicted winning margin in goals of one side over another.
  3. Corners – a spread on how many corners there will be in a game.
  4. Bookings – number of bookings in a match, usually based on 10 points per booking.
  5. Shirts – the total of the shirt numbers of all goalscorers in a match.


  1. Runs – a spread on how many runs a team or batsman will score in a match.
  2. Supremacy – predicted winning margin of one side over another, either in runs or 10 points per wicket.
  3. 4s or 6s – bet on how many fours or sixes will be scored in a match.
  4. Wickets – how many wickets will a bowler take, usually based on 10 points per wicket.
  5. Fall of wicket – how many runs will be on the board when the next wicket is taken?


  1. Distances – bet on the distance a horse will win a race by.
  2. Match Bets – bet on the distance one horse will beat another by (or lose by!).
  3. Index – buy or sell on a horse’s index price, usually based on winner getting 50 points, runner-up 25 and third-placed 10.
  4. SPs – what will the winners’ fixed odds Starting Prices at a meeting add up to?
  5. Jockeys – bet on how a jockey will do in a meeting, based on 50 points for each first place finish, 25 for each second and 10 for each third.

You can also bet on hundreds of spread betting markets across all other sports including tennis, rugby, snooker, darts, Formula 1, NFL, golf, baseball, basketball and many more!

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