The British heavyweight division used to have a bad reputation stateside.

And by ‘bad reputation’ I mean ‘laughing stock’. The criticism levelled by our American cousins was that our big boys were upright, immobile and very easy to hit. That was early on in a fight, later they become horizontal, immobile and even easier to hit.

The only department you couldn’t fault British heavyweights in was their heaviness. In appearance they looked like defrocked club bouncers, indeed that is exactly what most of them were. That’s why they were so aggressive in the opening rounds, it’s because the other guy was wearing trainers.

That was then; this is now.

Anthony Joshua is practically a licence to print money. In fact, if you’re name is Eddie Hearn he’s exactly that. Young, athletic with a body Adonis would be proud of – and a role model to boot.

AJ is selling out stadiums wherever he fights against whoever he fights – even against a French Cameroonian nobody has heard of – no offence Carlos thingamyjig.

Can Carlos Takam shock the world and best Joshua? Well, anything can happen in the squared circle. Remember, Sylvester Stallone became world champion aged 60, although that was in Rocky 6.

Takam is a tough dude and he’ll need all of that toughness to extend Joshua into the later rounds.

He’s only been stopped once, but that was by Alexander Povetkin in the tenth, and Povetkin doesn’t hit anywhere near as hard as AJ.

This could end at anytime but I’ve a feeling Joshua will feel out his opponent before launching a concussive assault. Takam has the opportunity of a lifetime here and I’m backing him to produce the performance of his life.

If this fight is ended very early it’s sure to upset the PPV audience, already miffed at forking out £19.95, the same price as the Klitschko fight.

I see more of an upside to buying minutes at 14.5 with
Takam is durable, and if he survives the first few rounds he could well stick around for a whole lot longer.

If he goes the distance you make 21.5 times your stake.


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